Be YOU Part Three Special Event SALE ___________ $5.00 Additionally Off Sale Price_________________FREE SHIPPING (Orders over $100)

Buy ONE Featured Pendant and get Second Featured Pendant at 50% Off!!!!

Buy ONE Featured Pendant and get Second Featured Pendant  at 50% Off!!!!

These Handmade fused glass Pendants are exclusively one of a kind. Some  have distinctive metal enclosures adding interest and magic to the sparkling glass.  

The offer runs from April 2, 7 AM CDT, to April 3, 12 AM CDT,

You can find the Featured Pendant here.  

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  • thankyou, awesome presentation, and so happy for your new blessing in family, hugs to all. they are all very beautiful, your amber you have on suits you. I shall be watching, I love art and new things, my sisters and I have birthday gatherings and do special creations. always good for your soul to be creative. blessings, Trudi Hughes Moore

    trudi moore

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